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Problematical tenants, rent arrears, trouble evicting tenants, and damage to property, are just some of the issues that ARLS hear about on a daily basis. In order to assist landlords with these matters ARLS in conjunction with Crystal Chambers have set-up EASY EVICT.

EASY EVICT have the legal expertise to help you resolve any problems you may be having with your tenant, and can quickly and easily serve section 8 & section 21 notices on your behalf. What’s more should the matter progress to court, then EASY EVICT can arrange for a qualified Court Advocate to handle your case.



The EASY EVICT TEAM provide an unmatched level of expertise and customer service for Landlords and Rental Property Agencies throughout England


Before I started my Pupillage at Crystal Chambers I worked in the capacity of Legal Executive for a large insurance company that specialised in preparing and delivering section 8 & section 21 notices. It quickly became apparent that the key to a successful court case was in the preparation of these documents, and that attention to detail is everything. My role was to check section 8 & section 21 notices for any mistakes and inaccuracies that may be used to adjourn or strike out a case. In my capacity and role of County Court Advocate I was regularly being provided with court bundles, often with very little notice. These case bundles had been prepared either by landlords, rental agencies, or companies who professed to being able to offer this service yet had little or no legal expertise.

Unfortunately, in many cases there were issues with either the notice, the service or the documentation submitted to the court. This would often result in the case being either adjourned or struck out, causing not only delay in repossessing the property but further financial loss for the landlord. The cost of having to go back to court and the prolonged loss of rent would often run into the thousands of pounds.

Most of the time these issues could have been avoided with better preparation, serving, and submitting the relevant documentation correctly. Subsequently, I have built Easy Evict, which now operates under the supervision of Crystal Chambers, with a team of legal experts who specialise in landlord and tenant matters. Statistics show that rental arrears on private rental properties have increased by 300% which does not bode well for landlords. In order to minimise any future potential rental loses I hope you will allow EASY EVICT the opportunity to assist you. We can act quickly and decisively on your behalf.


increase in private rental arrears from 2019


of private rented tenants have no savings


of landlords ended the tenancy because of rent arrears

Easy Evict strongly believe that with their legal expertise and clear understanding of the judicial process that they are more than capable of resolving any issues that landlords may be experiencing.

Quite simply, Easy Evict are a specialist company with qualified legal expertise, that you should consider placing your trust in. So why not book a free telephone consultation, and let us explain how we can help you.


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